About Us

OK Recruitment Group provides specialised services and unrivalled expertise to develop productive workspaces. According to our business structure, three management companies—IN Engagement, IN Facilities Engagement, and IN Secure Management—each with a distinct industrial focus—provide customised and industry-specific service packages.

Each of our team members has a solid track record of achievement and an excellent name for helping clients find the perfect employee engagement solution across UK sectors. We want to create workplace environments where staff members genuinely care about the organisation’s progress and feel a connection to its purpose.


Mr Muhammad’s management career spans twelve years. He gained a rich and diversified experience in Accounts, Administration and management in private and public sector organisations, including the textiles industry, public hospitals and organisations such as the Provincial Health Development Centre and Institute of Public Health. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated the ability to achieve and exceed business goals through hard work, initiative, teamwork, and the ability to absorb and adapt quickly to new work settings. Moreover, his varied experience has provided strong foundations to manage businesses in diverse industries, and particularly his people management duties gave him a focused interest and passion for employee engagement. As such, he is proud to direct OK Recruitment Group and aims to inspire the UK industry to make employee engagement a must. He is excited to drive this new future challenge to success with OK Recruitment Group. And this drive emanates from within.

“Leaders can only create an environment that fosters higher morale, loyalty, and growth when they take an active, genuine interest in the people they oversee and take the time to get to know their team members directly. Our objective at OK Recruitment Group is to assist companies in developing these settings. And you can put your confidence in us because this is how we raise our own; it serves as our foundation. Employee satisfaction is essential, and we can help your company succeed.”

By offering specialised, cutting-edge services that increase employee engagement and speed up company development, our mission is to transform UK companies. And by showcasing the worth of motivated workers through our market-leading solutions based on cutting-edge technology and professional guidance, we aim to empower UK companies.


We aim to help our customers maximise the potential of their workforces and advance their businesses through our expert knowledge and employment services. We guarantee to enhance payroll administration, workplace pension administration, and employee happiness by offering a wide variety of benefits.